Are we ready for yet another take on superhero morality?Let's hope so, because The Authority: Relentless retools old ideas for a new century.

The Authority can also work as an anti-Justice League in this new DCU, similar to what the DCAU did.

Warren Ellis has his heroes think globally as they kick butt locally, stopping or slowing down to consider how they can use their powers to "make the world a better place. The Authority is a team secretly assembled by Superman when he started losing his powers.

The Authority.


</strong> Invading countless worlds, Mongul enslaved entire. There were a number of powerful and interesting villains who appeared in the WildStorm universe. Nobody but Bendix himself knew of the team's existence.

Published Oct 12, 2021.

. While Superman and the Authority may emerge. As workers push back on mandates, business leaders are wrestling with a new, post.

. The Authority has had several incarnations over the years, with the original team lineup created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch for Wildstorm Comics--which was later acquired by DC--consisting of.


May 20, 2023 · The authority aren't the villains and the superman movie will use actual superman characters it seems.

Superman reforms the Authority, which consists of Black, Midnighter, Apollo, the latest iteration of O. This was soon to change.

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DC Comics.
A highly organized and weaponized military force that controls and shapes the Wasteland in whatever way they see fit, the Authority is perhaps the most powerful faction in the Wasteland.


Jenny Sparks was the original team leader of The Authority.

Like Watchmen before it, The Authority – initially penned by Warren Ellis – was a comic designed to subvert superhero conventions, consisting of a lineup that parallelled Earth. . Jenny Sparks was the original team leader of The Authority.

. . Midnighter, alongside his future husband Apollo, was part of a top secret StormWatch team created by the first Weatherman, Henry Bendix. . Nobody but Bendix himself knew of the team's existence.

Ellis never obviously delved into the politics of his characters; he left that to the reader to decide.

Bendix built them as superhuman and, when they donned their costumes and spoke their. The cruel conqueror Mongul once roamed the cosmos aboard Warworld, a planet-sized engine of destruction.

One Father's Day he followed orders and planted a car bomb, unwittingly killing his father for his employers.

Deep South : He represents almost every negative stereotype of Southern people, and is possibly.

Jul 20, 2021 · To put it simply, the Authority is a team of cynical, brutally pragmatic superheroes.

Superhero team The Authority will play.

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